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(Africa’s largest Personal messaging community) Launched in Dec 2006, COINMAC.NET has revolutionised PC to Mobile messaging across the world and has evolved as the largest personal messaging community worldwide with users from across 130 countries. COINMAC.NET helps users to send SMS to any mobile worldwide. Sending messages from is cheap, easier, and personal; above all messages are delivered in just few seconds. Every day, millions of SMSes are being sent via The numbers are growing rapidly. We consider every message as highly time critical, So, we have tailored our platform to deliver every single message in less than 10 seconds. Our Robust and highly scalable infrastructure can deliver over 2000 messages per second. Our top quality delivery coupled with exceptional delivery speed has made coinmac highly popular among the internet users. COINMAC.NET has become integral part of 20 million peoples life by carrying their emotions, feelings and happiness.

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Our SMS service meant to provide you with affordable and efficient Bulk-SMS service. We have designed the service to be very efficient and reliable for all kinds of activities. Our clients includes church programme, mosques, companies, corporate organizations, government agencies, event planning and management companies, training institutes, schools, non-government organizations etc.

Our price is very attractive because it is per SMS and NOT per unit as other companies will decietfully advertise. The truth is that when we advertise per unit it will be as low as 70 Kobo per unit. Our clients all over Nigeria and beyond are satisfied with the stable tarrif and pricing we provide and it has been our major selling point in the industry.

We also has a very wide coverage of Networks in Nigeria and beyonf which recognize of SMS gateway - this means that the customized title (SENDER) of your messages will be displayed exactly the way it is being sent, making it possible to send your messages accross various network with the same look and feel in every reciepients phone.

Delivery of our messages is prompt and fast with a guaranteed assurance that every reciepient has recieved the message you sent. This can be confirmed through our instant notifications that pups-up when you send your messages, giving you details of how many units, sms, reciepients and amount it cost to carry out your last SMS activity. Also a comprehensive phone book, group phones and other advanced feature will help you achieve a greater result through COINMAC SMS admin web interfaces.

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Lets Broadcast What You Do

Our SMS Marketing plan seeks to take your business, events, programmes and activities to your target audience.

We have in our database a collection of numbers local and international in different categories of profession, groups, georgaphical location etc. With this traffic of peoples all over Nigeria and beyond, we can reach your audience through our SMS Marketing platform. Start Here...


Professional Training

Our courses covers I.T, computing, management, safety, environment, banking etc. COINMAC is a multidisciplinary training institute in Nigeria with locations in Dubai, USA, South Africa, India, Ghana, etc.Know more...


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Our on-line customer representative is always eager to provide support and assistance to you.

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