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Will I be given test credits when I register Yes you will be given test credits as soon as we approve your registration
How much does it cost to send an SMS An SMS is charged between 1.30 kobo - 2 Naira depending on the network visit our price list to see all our charges
What if my SMS did not deliver It is very rare for an SMS not to deliver, in most cases it is because of wrong number format or network/internet problem, but in any case, our customer support staff are ready to solve any technical issue.
How do I know that my SMS have delivered When an SMS is delivered, a notification is displayed on the screen telling how many numbers delivered and units used.
What is the different between unit and SMS A unit is the major charging criteria for an SMS, a one page SMS can take up to one or two units in most cases 1 unit.


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Lets Broadcast What You Do

Our SMS Marketing plan seeks to take your business, events, programmes and activities to your target audience.

We have in our database a collection of numbers local and international in different categories of profession, groups, georgaphical location etc. With this traffic of peoples all over Nigeria and beyond, we can reach your audience through our SMS Marketing platform. Start Here...


Professional Training

Our courses covers I.T, computing, management, safety, environment, banking etc. COINMAC is a multidisciplinary training institute in Nigeria with locations in Dubai, USA, South Africa, India, Ghana, etc.Know more...


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Our on-line customer representative is always eager to provide support and assistance to you.

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